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If you have done a bit of traveling before, then you know that not all accommodation is created equal. On occasion, you end up booking a lousy Airbnb apartment and it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth. At this point, I have stayed at dozens of different Airbnb apartments and there have only been one or two in all of that time that was straight-up bad and uncomfortable.

Here are some of my top tips and things to consider when preparing to use your hard-earned credit gained through using our Airbnb discount code. I know that it can be tempting to book the first awesome-looking place you see straight out of the gate, though this approach can cause to miss hidden gems lurking a few rows below. Likewise, different Airbnb listings offer vastly different amenities.

It is always worth checking out if the apartment has wifi, a parking spot if you have a rental car , a place to cook if you want to cook , comes with clean towels, toilet paper most should! In terms of price comparison, certain Airbnb hosts charge ridiculous cleaning fees which can quickly double or triple the actual cost per night.

We live in a review-based world, which means if people have had terrible experiences at a certain Airbnb apartment, the whole world can now know about it. You can get a pretty good idea of what to expect from a place by reading the reviews. I have dodged more than a few bullets by taking one extra minute to read the reviews of a place I was just about to book. Seriously, take the time to read the reviews and you will save your self the trouble of landing in a terrible apartment or a great apartment operated by a terrible host.

At the same time, if any given property has 50 awesome reviews and one long, ranting, angry review, it is likely to be the case of one exceptionally sensitive person having one exceptionally bad day. People seem to leave long, rambling, emotional reviews not because the apartment they stayed at was horrible, but because the individual who left the review is in fact horrible. This is not always the case of course, but it is important to filter for those sort of reviews anyhow.

Read the reviews so you know exactly what you are getting into…. This tip is pretty self-explanatory, but alas I will elaborate. Thanks to Airbnb, backpackers now have the opportunity to actually stay in the kinds of places that once were only fantastical abstractions.

Treehouses, yurt camps, adobe huts, castles, windmills, boats, old train cars, school buses, planes, igloos, farm stays, hobbit houses, futuristic bubble domes, submarines not really submarines, just making sure you are still paying attention rank among some of the coolest Airbnb options to lay your head. You can always stay in some generic apartment building? But when will you get the chance to stay in an epic windmill overlooking a sea of tulips again?

Over the course of the last several years, I have been extremely fortunate t0 stay at some truly epic Airbnb rentals. The places that I have stayed at have ranged from modest, simple apartments in major cities and drafty wooden beach shacks, to luxurious penthouses and fit-for-a-king villas on the edge of some distant jungle.

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Below, I have assembled a few of my favorite Airbnb, which if given the chance, you should totally stay at some of these places too! Because Lebanon is seriously lacking in budget hostels, I opted to stay in Airbnb apartments across the whole country. I actually found the Airbnb places to be way cheaper than the hotels. This particular apartment was located off one of the most beautiful streets I found in Lebanon.

For a little extra cash, the host served up the most amazing breakfast spread I have found anywhere. Seriously, it was enough food for 10 people we were only two. We were just coming off a few days of trekking in the mountains, so splurging on this place was just what was needed at that time. We loved the stone architecture and the fireplace where we roasted chestnuts. Check out this listing. The street where this Airbnb is located…. I spend a good majority of my year living out of my backpack and tent in some distant mountain range.

During these periods, I admit, general day-t0-day living is rough, hygiene is often overlooked, and my down jacket serves as my pillow for days on end. Honestly, I love that living that way in the mountains, but not for every waking moment of my life. As much as I love sleeping in my tent probably my favorite place to sleep overall , staying in a place like this fantastic apartment in Prague felt like I was living in some sort of alternate reality.

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This spot directly overlooking the main square really is next level and well worth the price tag. If you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner whilst you are exploring Prague, look no further. Check out this apartment. For even more inspiration, be sure to check out our ultimate Backpacking Czech Republic travel guide. After years of dirtbag broke backpacking, the short answer is, yes sometimes. And it feels damn good! This place in Medellin was one of my all-time favorite Airbnb spots. I mean, just look at that view.

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Plus, because the apartment was located up on a hill, to get to the apartment required a significant hike every day, which means getting exercise was not a problem. Medellin is one of the most fun cities anyone can travel to, and it was pretty cool to get this birds-eye view of the glistening city lights below. Despite its reputation of being one of the craziest places to party in South America, this apartment gave me a quiet place to relax and keep the full-time party atmosphere at a comfortable distance. This code was a special one, because there were no additional terms and conditions no min spend.

It was valid 2 days only 7th - 8th October , expired on 8th Oct - Sunday SH65 — with this code you could get free standard delivery with no minimum spend. One day only - Tuesday 8th August. No threshold. JN27 — A weekend Valid on orders placed on 23rd May SH4G — Enjoy free delivery on everything. This code can be combined with other codes. This code was working from 2nd March until 5th March, Click here to view the exclusions. CM29 — Debenhams created this code to support pay day.

Enter this code and get free Next Day Delivery. Expired on 12 Feb midnight. This offer was extended but now it's expired. Expired on 2nd January Some exclusions applied, expired on 1st of Jan No minimum spend to activate this discount. Expired on 20 Nov. For select concessions exclusions click here. Place your order up to 9pm for the next day delivery between 8am - 6pm. This code wasn't valid for toys which have already been marked down.

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Started and ended on 20th September DEB14 — Going for a big purchase? The code expired on 21 August, Prefer to shop in-store?

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Available in store and online at debenhams. Excludes rugs, lighting, electricals and furniture.

Ended 3rd August, Promo ended: 5th July This code expired on 8th May Expired 1 May Ended: 17th April. The code expired on 10th April.

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benefits and work coupon code 2019 Benefits and work coupon code 2019
benefits and work coupon code 2019 Benefits and work coupon code 2019
benefits and work coupon code 2019 Benefits and work coupon code 2019
benefits and work coupon code 2019 Benefits and work coupon code 2019
benefits and work coupon code 2019 Benefits and work coupon code 2019

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