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Senvion Deal Would Shrink Siemens Gamesa’s Services Gap With Vestas

The Federal Government recently signed a power deal with Siemens, a German-based firm that would ensure incremental power generation and boost industrialisation in Nigeria. The private investors attribute their woes to weak technical capacity of the sector which they underestimated while they bought the assets of the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria PHCN.

To confirm the failure of the private power companies, the Ministry of Power stated recently that the Discos have accumulated so much debt and have become insolvent. Regrettably, total power generation dropped to 3, It stood at 2, It described the inability of the Discos to improve customer service and meet operational costs as a direct consequence of their inability to raise capital.

Penultimate Monday, the Federal Government to enlisted the services of German firm, Siemens, to increase power output to at least 11, megawatts by He lamented that despite the abundance of natural gas, hydro and solar resources for power generation, the country was still on the journey to achieving reliable, affordable, and quality electricity supply necessary for economic growth, industrialisation and poverty alleviation.

He punctured previous attempts by successive governments to boost power infrastructure which, he said, yielded no tangible results. Previous governments have explored state-funded solutions through the ill-prepared National Independent Power Projects. There was also the partial privatisation of the power generation and distribution sectors. Nonetheless, the constraints remained at the transmission and distribution systems. My challenge to Siemens, our partner investors in the distribution companies, the Transmission Company of Nigeria, and the electricity regulator is to work hard to achieve 7, megawatts of reliable power supply by and 11, megawatts by — in phases 1 and 2, respectively.

President and our partners. I will personally make sure that this will be the big success of Nigeria, Siemens and our partners in the country. Stakeholders in the power sector are worried that details of the deal which cuts across the entire power sector value chain remain scanty, and therefore, urged the Federal Government to adopt renewable energy to accelerate development in the sector.

Siemens-Alstom deal blocked by EU - San Antonio Express-News

Yusuf urged the Federal Government to embrace renewable energy to fill the gap created by this deficit. Some of the stakeholders argued that there is yet to be a detailed plan of how the programme will be financed, the role of the private operators who control the Distribution Companies DisCos and the GenCos, except for TCN which is a full government utility. They proposed to work on TCN and distribution networks but the issues are many. Ogaji stated.

Alstom, Siemens boards consider train builder merger

Experts say that could avert the many system collapses that have continually put the entire Nigerian nation in blackout for several hours daily. An insider at Siemens, who was privy to the SCADA contracts, confirmed the incomplete execution of the projects due to management issues at TCN, lack of capacity of TCN staff and none availability of the fibre optics and other core infrastructure for the communication backbone.

Also, new substations including the NIPPs were built and not integrated and the systems were not automated. Sources maintained that if the Federal Government was to intervene in the power sector, considering that projects are financed by tariffs paid by Nigerians, there was need for the competitive procurement of those who would execute such projects.

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By creating a My Siemens account, you can register your appliances so that Siemens has a full record of your appliance details in the event of any important safety updates. Your account also allows you to make purchases from our online store and view order details. Customer safety when using your Siemens appliances is of paramount importance to us. We have identified a possible safety risk in a limited number of our Siemens tumble dryers and dishwashers which require an inspection by one of our trained and qualified engineers to establish their safety for continued use.

Please check if your Siemens appliances are affected. To find out more information, please click the link below or you can contact our customer service team on If you arrived here from RegisterMyAppliance. We strongly advise that you register all your appliance so that Siemens has full details of the ownership of your appliance. This will allow us to easily contact you in the event of any important product updates. Even if your warranty has expired, it is still advisable to register all your Siemens appliances so we have full records of the appliances you own. Please note this registration process is for home appliances only.

To register your appliances you first need to create a My Siemens account and this can be done by following the account creation steps above. It's important you register all brands of appliances that you own.

Siemens launches social media website

All Siemens appliances come with a two year manufacturing warranty as standard to protect against any manufacturing and material faults which may occur during this period, and selected Siemens models are eligible for a free five year warranty for added peace of mind. To register your two year warranty or five year warranty, please log in to your My Siemens account or create a new account. It was able to get away with this because of big loopholes in the legal systems of a host of countries, including Germany. Over many decades bribes became the accepted business norm at Siemens.

This made it illegal to bribe foreign officials for a German company. On the day the new law was passed in February that year, discussions began at the highest level at Siemens on how to handle the new regulation. On July 5th , Siemens issued a new corporate circular requiring operating groups and regional companies to ensure that a new anti-corruption clause would be included in all contracts with agents, consultants, brokers, or other third parties.

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The following year it issued new guidelines that stipulated:. No employee may directly or indirectly offer or grant unjustified advantages to others in connection with business dealings, neither in monetary form nor as some other advantage. In addition, from November the company was obliged to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, with a code of ethics that required chief financial officers and business heads to act responsibly and with integrity.

In reality, as a German prosecutor was to comment later, the Siemens compliance programme existed only on paper. Government investigations into corruption had been launched in Israel, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Taiwan and China while issues were also becoming apparent in Nigeria, Italy, Greece and Liechtenstein. But, as American prosecutors discovered :.

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The magnitude of the bribery system was widespread. As Reinhard Siekaczek, a Siemens employee put it :. We all knew that what we were doing was illegal.

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