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The taste itself was not bad either - it reminded me of the Sweetheart candies that you find at the checkout aisles in supermarkets.

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The energy taste mixed with honey will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your next gaming binge! There were 2 kinds of gummies in the bag. The soft yellow one tasted exactly like Red Bull, except I'm pretty sure it doesn't give you the same energizing effects as an actual Red Bull drink that'd be pretty neat though, huh? The white one was covered in a hard sour coating but had the same yellow gummy on the inside. This one was nothing special, just a regular gummy. A mixture of soy sauce, avocado, and wasabi have somehow recreated this familiar taste.

And wow, these chips really do taste like tuna sushi! You are either going to love it or hate it. TLDR: Do you like tuna sushi? Well these chips taste exactly like it. Enjoy the sweet aroma of honey butter as you take every bite of this delightful snack!

This is basically a thin sweet pretzel stick that tastes like honey and butter. The subtle sweetness is very tasty, but the buttery finish makes it a bit heavy. TLDR: Tastes exactly like the description.

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Artificial octopus and mayonnaise made from flour sure can fool anyone! Use a toothpick and heat, skewer and bake just as you would regular Takoyaki! Overall, it took about 20mins to make and required scissors, water, and a microwave. The finished product was…interesting, and not in a good way. It definitely smelled and looked like Takoyaki one of my favorite foods but tasted nothing like it. It had a weird chewy texture and left a really bad after-taste. TLDR: Requires a lot of involvement to make, but all that effort leads to a mess of disappointment.

Enjoy buttery, crisp koala-shaped biscuits with refreshing strawberry cream filling!

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These super popular snacks are always great. They usually come with a chocolate filling, but the strawberry filling is just as good. Each cookie is shaped like a koala and has different cute koala drawings on them.

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These are arguably the most common Japanese snack in the US and you can them at any Asian grocery store, sometimes even in regular supermarkets. Super tasty! Crackling Panic Cola! The bold taste will remind you of bubbly cola and keep you wanting more! There were two different types of candies in the bag. The brown, crystal looking ones were like soda flavored pop rocks.

They were pretty decent. Together, they tasted like solidified soda. These are really tasty and one of the first milk candies popularized in Japan, making them a classic among Japanese snacks. They are chewy, sweet, milk-flavored candy and readily available in most Asian grocery stores. Enjoy the crisp biscuit paired with the savory flavored of Japanese soy sauce!

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Pretz are like the savory version of Pocky. These came in a flat, wide stick shape instead of the usual Pretz sticks, and it tasted like a crispy grilled pretzel glazed with soy sauce. Personally I liked this a lot, but a few people mentioned that the soy sauce flavor was too strong. Which one is the best Japanese snack subscription box? In terms of packaging, Skoshbox wins hands down.

Their box is better designed, and you can tell that they put more thought into their packaging. In terms of value, both Skoshbox and Tokyo Treat offer about the same value. All 3 boxes offer readily available, mass produced Japanese snacks that you can get at any Asian grocery store. The types of snacks they put in their boxes are the same, and the amount of snacks they put in are also about the same.

Japan Crate unfortunately comes in last because their selection of snacks is the worst of the three you can read more about this here. Where Tokyo Treat pulls ahead is the free worldwide shipping.

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In terms of service, I would say all 3 are the same too. Hope this review helped you decide which Japanese snack subscription is better. Founder of Snakku; Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, Shigeki has always traveled and explored the world through food. Be careful. Tokyo Treat do not send your boxes. I have ordered the box twice, but the boxes did not arrive to me. I have asked to Tokyo Treat many times but they only say if they receive box back then they will refund.

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Tokyo Treat offers a monthly subscription to Japanese candies and snacks. They have become known for one-of-a-kind treats not available outside of Japan — until now. Get a Tokyo Treat coupon code below and save on your next purchase. This is not a email subscription service.

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