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So last night, I turned away from the news and toward science fiction television for solace. I'd seen it with my father, a self-proclaimed Trekkie and a man from whom I continue to draw endless inspiration. Turns out the episode was one of the most powerful critiques of Trump's proposal — which is essentially a ban on future NASA-led climate change research — that I've come across. Basically, if warp drive allows the Enterprise to ferry itself around in a Ferrari, without it, it would be reduced to something like crawling on all fours.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the crew members, every time they engage warp drive, they slowly contribute to the creation of a phenomenon they call "a rift," which is causing terrible damage to multiple solar systems. The rift is like a massive tear — every time someone uses warp drive, they wreak havoc on the solar system nearby.

The rift does everything from shifting the planets' tilt to triggering massive earthquakes, both of which are small now but will destroy the planets as the rift grows.

In the episode, the crew is using warp drive for a rescue mission — it's traveling to an area of space where a friendly ship has been stalled. On the way to the ship, the Enterprise is rendered powerless by an unrecognized ship and boarded by a pair of strangers. When they come aboard, the strangers — a brother and sister from another planet — tell the Enterprise it must immediately stop using warp drive. The Enterprise crew members, while initially outraged that they've been shut down by an unrecognized vessel and boarded without permission, eventually agree to look into the pair's claims.

The Enterprise's captain, Jean-Luc Picard, essentially tells them their claims are reasonable and promises to ask the powers in charge the Federation Council to conduct "more research" on their behalf in exchange for the strangers' agreement to let the Enterprise go. The sister responds angrily, saying it isn't good enough. She leaves aboard her ship and sends herself into warp drive to prove her point. In the process, she destroys her ship and kills herself. They all soon see that she and her brother were right.

Some of the crew members who earlier dismissed her claims say they feel responsible. These coffee cups are specially designed to handle hot drinks. Originally designed to ensure public health and safety, small disposable paper cones were manufactured and distributed by Leo Hulsemen, founder of the SOLO Cup Company in FREE Shipping. For music lesson study, public performance, or just for fun. Hear the audio that matters most to you. Ekiss worked at the Sweetheart Cup Company in Springfield, Missouri, from to , before the company was bought by Solo and moved their art department to Baltimore.

These Solo Jazz Trophy cups are specifically made for use with hot and cold beverages, making them ideal for the water cooler or next to the coffee machine in the break room. The Jazz cup design is just one of those things.

Whether youre serving coffee, tea or cocoa, our hot cups are easy to warm up to. The cups are lined with polyethylene which acts as a moisture barrier to keep liquid inside the cup and prevent leaking. NOVA: This is an active learning dataset. Came in different colors. By working small, easy to play chords, you confidently outline chord progressions without needing.

'Maybe I was a little threatened, the thought that warp engines might be doing some kind of damage'

Engineered with strong sidewalls. There is a misnomer; the common foam cup is actually made from polystyrene, not Styrofoam. Birthday, anniversary, wedding favor. Post with votes and views. Item SO-RW I have a 15 year old who is doing her first solo this year. Grainger's got your back. Offers superior rigidity. Gergelys Maintenance King.


Solo single sided poly hot cups are great for serving hot beverages like coffee, tea or cocoa. All Versions current 84 nerladdade , 3 MB 7 juli If you are looking for beautiful and flexible watch bands than you can shop from our store. Out of ideas. Sustainable Features:. At Musicnotes. Use these foam cups everyday for your office coffee machine or at the water cooler. We make it easy to make birthdays and party a blast. Where did he get the cup? No such cups were on offer at the fest itself.

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'Black Mirror' star Miley Cyrus covers Nine Inch Nails

High quality Jazz Solo Cup inspired T-Shirts by independent artists and designers from around the world. We offer Solo 8 oz paper cups at bulk and wholesale pricing. Get your 90's on. The "Jazz" pattern found on solo cup, plates and other disposable items was designed here in Springfield. More mods by chipmonk:. Dizzy Gillespie, American jazz trumpeter, composer, and bandleader who was one of the seminal figures of the bebop movement.

Just a normal cup. Hot Paper Cup in Blue Case of It was manufactured on a line of disposable paper products by the Solo company, the "Jazz" line. The cup is typically made of paper lined with either plastic or wax. The design became an emblem of '90s culture, and today has been repurposed as a pattern used on shirts. What a fun idea mojipie! Thousands of designs.

Look no further for the best selection available of top clarinet sheet music online. They are perfect for soda juice or other chilled beverages. Search Search. Solo Jazz 16 oz. The mission of Jazz at Lincoln Center is to entertain, enrich and expand a global community for jazz through performance, education and advocacy. Book Party. Self-improvement is big at sundays. It offers a guided meditation you can listen to on headphones while technicians in blush pink cardigans work on your nails.

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And they certainly know what they're doing. Read More. At sundays, we believe wellness is a journey and not a one-day holiday or a to-do list item. Sadly, we often see mothers who put themselves …. How to Make Your Manicure or Pedicure Last Longer Summer is here and that means more travel, more fun, and figuring out how to make sure your nails look good through it all.

In episode 9 of our Tea Talk with Amy, we answer one of the most common questions we get: how do I make my manicure and pedicure last longer?

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