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If you are a US based label, and the band already has a deal in the UK, then you can't very well try to sell the record there, too. A fair way to do this for bands and label is to have the contract cover areas where the label has distribution, but the band does not already have a deal and then include a clause in the contract stating that the label can seek licensing or distribution deals in other territories for the album. Advances are advances against future earning of the band, so only promise an advance that you think you can easily recoup from the album sales.

Music Publishing Deals: Learn How to Earn

A good rule of thumb about advances, if you are a small label, is that big advances are a waste of cash. If money is tight, everyone is much better off if the label skips paying out a big advance and instead saves that money to spend on promotion.

Selling records is an expensive business - if you want it to work, you need to spend your money on a promo budget, not an advance. Bands don't make money until the label makes back all the money it has spent on the album with the exception of mechanical royalties , which labels have to pay no matter what. That doesn't mean the band is required to let the label spend and spend and spend. It's good to include a spending cap in an indie label contract that says the label will consult the band after spending X amount of cash.

It will save loads of hassle in the long run when the band is complaining about money and complain that you have overspent on their release. It is the crucial part of the indie label contract.


The Different Types of Music Publishing Deals For Songwriters And Artists

You need to specify how and when the band can expect to be paid. First, it is important to state here that the band will not be paid until the label makes back the money it has spent on the album include the advance. Then the contract needs to state how any profit after the label recoups costs will be divided, for example:. There's no real right or wrong here. There are lots of extra expenses that crop up in the course of releasing an album, and now is the time to address them. For instance, if you're releasing on vinyl, if the band wants a full-color gatefold sleeve , you can include in the contract that they have to chip in up front.

If you don't want to pay tour support , include that in the contract as well.

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  • The Different Types of Record Deals | Music Advice !

Now is the time to anticipate any costs that might arise with a particular release that you want to avoid, and get it in writing that the label is not going to foot the bill for these expenses. The list above details the basics that an indie label contract should include, but that doesn't mean those things are the only thing that can or should, be on a contract. Musicians and audio engineers are usually busy putting their noses to the grindstone in the recording studio and out on the road.

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  6. Getting your name out and building a fan base might be vastly more appealing than worrying about the complex world of music publishing, but keep in mind these music publishing deals that are important to know if you plan to be a successful music producer! Here are 5 types of publishing deals to know:. This is one of the most common types of publishing deals, and also one of the easiest to understand.

    The Different Types of Music Publishing Deals For Songwriters

    In this arrangement, an artist gives the copyright of one of their songs to a publisher. In return, the company pays the artist a percentage of the money earned from that song. You can decide in advance exactly how many songs for which you trade rights.

    Music Publishing Explained - Different Types of Publishing Deals

    In this deal, the publisher pays you an agreed-upon amount of money regularly, regardless of how much money your songs are actually making. As an exclusive songwriter, the money you are making will be set, even if the publisher is making a fortune off of your music.


    This type of publishing deal is a bit more complex than the others mentioned thus far. This is nice for artists who are uncomfortable just giving up the rights to their creative output. These agreements are usually drawn out over a longer period of time.

    different types of music deals Different types of music deals
    different types of music deals Different types of music deals
    different types of music deals Different types of music deals
    different types of music deals Different types of music deals
    different types of music deals Different types of music deals

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