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Use pricing. This is the simplest way to use the pricing module. Simply pass a container element, and the pricing module with use all elements with a valid data-recurly attribute to determine price. When a value changes, the pricing module will automatically update its values. This allows your customers to manipulate a pricing form at will, and you will be able to react dynamically in any number of ways. Input elements should be user-manipulable elements like input or select. Addon quantity.

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To identify the addon being modified, use the data-recurly-addon attribute to set the addon code. Specific tax amount to apply to the amount due now. Supplying this value will disable automated tax calculations. Specific tax amount to apply to the next billing cycle cost. Output elements should be plain text elements like output , span , or div. As you might expect, these correspond to the next billing cycle cost.

These values are especially useful for plans with trial periods. A Pricing instance itself behaves as an event emitter, where events can be attached using the pricing. This event is emitted whenever a pricing module has updated any of its pricing values. You can use this event to update your pricing display, compute total shopping costs, aggregate to analytics, etc.

For example, when a customer changes their plan, the pricing module will send set.

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This is especially useful for updating checkout previews based on what the customer has selected as one example. The pricing module can be manipulated with a set of direct method calls. This is useful if you would like to set up a complex pricing schema for your customers, or would just like to use a more programmatic method of determining subscription price.

Events fire just as they normally would when using pricing. Note that Recurly. Thus if you use the Pricing API on a pricing instance already attached to a container, the elements within will not update with your Pricing API calls. The example to the right demonstrates all the ways that a pricing module can be manipulated directly. This allows you to chain many asynchronous calls together without having to manage a complex chain of callbacks. You don't need to worry much about the internals of a PricingPromise , as it is designed to stay out of your way and facilitate asynchronous calls for you.

The catch method, as shown in the example, is used to handle error scenarios, such as when an addon cannot be applied to the selected plan. At the end of a chain of pricing method calls, be sure to call. Recurly's support for 3-D Secure utilizes both Recurly. Attaches 3-D Secure elements to the page.

The specific elements attached will vary by gateway and by the specific needs of the 3-D Secure flow. Typically, this will be an iframe containing a 3-D Secure challenge, but may be a device data collection routine. We recommend this element be a minimum size of px W x px H , and contain an interstitial message to explain that 3-D Secure authentication will be required to complete the transaction. You may wish to call this once the challenge flow is complete. This event is fired when your customer has completed the 3-D Secure flow.

Recurly has received the authentication details, and generated this token to be used in our API. This event is emitted when any error is encountered, whether during setup of the 3-D Secure flow, or during authentication. It will be useful to display errors to your customer if a problem occurs during the 3-D Secure flow. With fraud protection enabled, tokens created with Recurly.

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Configuration is simple. Once you have enabled fraud protection on your site, modify your Recurly. First, you will need to collect device data using the Braintree JavaScript client. This is required by Braintree. This will apply Braintree fraud data to your tokens generated by Recurly. Transactions created with those tokens will pass the fraud data to Braintree for fraud analysis. These methods are used when generating tokens, but you can also use them to enhance your form validations and checkout flow.

It is also possible to inspect the validation state of hosted fields as your customer types, by listening to the 'change' event. Errors are encapsulated by a RecurlyError , which contains a few standard properties to help you diagnose error cases and inform your customers accordingly. Errors will be thrown if the exception will prevent proper execution. If an error can be recovered, it will be passed to the proper error handling event listener, callback, or PricingPromise handler for you to inspect.

The message property contains diagnostic information intended to help you diagnose problems with the form, and we do not recommend displaying its contents to your customers. To provide the best customer experience, we recommend that you provide your own error text to be displayed, based on the error code you receive. This error appears when you try to perform an operation without first calling recurly. When you call recurly. This is thrown when the target element for a hosted payment field cannot be found on the page.

Check the error message to check the selector being used, then check your page to ensure the element is present when recurly. A request validation error has occurred. This can indicate many possible issues, and you should check the fields property to determine which fields caused the error. Occurs when a tokenization parameter does not pass our internal validations.

Check the fields property to determine which fields caused the error. A request to the Recurly API has encountered an issue.

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